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maThe Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies has been given the mission of elaborating and disseminating a new multi-dimensional approach to methodology for India MA and PhD studies. The CCIRS (in cooperation with the Warsaw University) is the first research centre in Central Europe to offer interdisciplinary MA courses in Contemporary India, combining political, socio-economic, cultural and civic dimensions.

The new MA programme will therefore address the needs of young people interested in contemporary India, enabling them to acquire innovative knowledge in this regard. The study programme also stress practical skills of future graduates that will allow them to find employment in prominent government institutions (state agencies, diplomacy) and the business sector.

MA studies start in October 2012 in Institute of International Relations University of Warsaw. For detalis about MA studies in Contemporary India Business and Politics please visit website of Institute of International Relations.

India Business and Politics - stationary studies programme: download
India Business and Politics - extramural studies programme: download

See the academic calendar for 2012/13.

For information about studies at IIR in Polish please visit the link.


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MA Programme

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