Lectures and a seminar by Prof Ashwani Sharma (University of Delhi)

prof_Ashwani__SharmaLectures and a seminar - Prof. Ashwani Sharma, University of Delhi

Prof. Sharma is a Fellow at Developing Countries Research Centre, University of Delhi. He came to Institute of International Relations for six months under the Erasmus Mundus Program (EMEA Lot 12). For further details please see CV.

Prof Sharma will give lecture on:

  • 11 December , 16.45, r. 4, Nowy Świat 67, South and North in IR,
  • 13 December, 8.00, r. 405, Żurawia 4, Global Political Economy and the North-South Relations,
  • 13 December, 15.00, r. 4, Nowy Świat 67, Contemporary India: Politics, Economics and Culture,
  • 16 January, 11.30, r. 13, Żurawia 4, Research Methodology for Studying/Researching  Politics and Business in India.

Prof. Sharma was one of the speakers during:

  • a seminar on India-Pakistan relations at the turn of XXI century. Implications for security and development of South Asia, which was organized by IIR on 23rd October,
  • inauguration panel (New Asia – what does it mean?) of the conference for young scholars: Asia from the beginning, which was organized by IIR on 26 and 27th October,
  • a conference Development and Democracy in Asia: Quest for New Economic Order (presented a paper: Climate Change Policy of India: Challenge for Development), which was organized by IIR, CCIRS IIR and HumanDoc Foundation on 16th November.

On 24th January 2013, r. 4, Nowy Świat 67, prof Sharma will take part in the seminar: Climate Change and the Developing Countries.

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