Study visit to India 5-29 August 2012

Form 5th till 29th August delegation from Institute of International Relations and Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies IIR University of Warsaw: dr Karina Jędrzejowska, dr Bogusław Lackoroński and Aleksandra Jaskólska, visited India. During their stay they visited:
• Mumbaj (5-12 August):
1) SP Jain Institute of Management & Research,
2) University of Mumbai Department of Civics and Politics,
3) Gateway House (think-tank),
4) TATA Institute of Social Science


• Manipal (12-15 August):
1) Manipal Univeristy


• Pune (15-18 August):
1) Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, University of Pune,
2) Fergusson Collage,
3) Sir Parashurambhau Collage


• New Delhi/Greater Noida (18-23 August):
1) Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH),
2) Sharda University,
3) Jawaharlal Nehru University, Centre for European Studies oraz Centre for International Trade & Development,
4) University of Delhi


• Kalkuta (23-29 August)
1) University of Calcutta


Dr Karina Jędrzejowska, dr Bogusław Lackoroński and Aleksandra Jaskólska took part in conferences and seminars coorganized with Indian partners:
13th August – seminar co-organized with Manipal Univeristy: EU-India Economic Relations (Dr BogusławLackoroński: The Four Freedoms of EU's Internal Market from the Foreign Investors Perspective especially from perspective of investors from India, Dr Karina Jędrzejowska: From Geopolitics to Geoeconomics. A New Paradigm?, Aleksandra Jaskólska: Indo-Polish Relations)

• 14th August – seminar co-organized with Manipal Univeristy: Emerging Powers in International Relations (Dr Bogusław Lackoroński: Emerging Powers - A Public International Law Perspective, Dr Karina Jędrzejowska: Emerging Economic Powers: Selected Definitions and Criteria of Classification)

• 16th August – seminar co-organized with University of Pune: Contending Issues in World Affairs Today (Aleksandra Jaskólska: Polish investments in India, Dr BogusławLackoroński: Green field foreign investments in Poland as a gate to the EU market, Dr Karina Jędrzejowska: Debt crisis in the Eurozone and its impact on Asia)

• 21st August – seminar co-organized with Birla Institute of Management Technology: Bilateral and Multilateral Economic Relations of Poland and India (Dr Karina Jędrzejowska: Succesful economic modernisation and transition: how it influence country's position in the global economy? Case of India and Poland, Dr Bogusław Lackoroński: Greenfield foreign investments in Poland as a gate to the EU market, Aleksandra Jaskólska: The Arms Trade in Indo-Polish Relations)
• 24th August – conference co-organized with University of Calcutta: International Interactions in the wake of recent global Economic Meltdown: A Survey (Dr Karina Jędrzejowska: Sovereign debt crisis in Europe - impact on the international financial architecture, Dr BogusławLackoroński: Legal means of foreign investors protection - a remedy for an economic crisis?, Aleksandra Jaskólska: Economic crisis - implications for India).


Delegates from IIR gave also several lectures during their visit in India:

Dr Karina Jędrzejowska:
• SP Jain Institute of Management & Research
- EU Financing
- Sovereign Default
• TATA Institute of Social Science:
- The Role of the State in Development
• University of Calcutta:
- Financial System of the European Union

Dr Bogusław Lackoroński:

• SP Jain Institute of Management & Research:
- Indian Greenfield Investments in Poland - Main Risk Factors and Legal Means of Protection
- The four freedoms of EU's internal market from the foreign investors perspective
• Department of Law, University of Pune:
- The principle of freedom of contracts and the liability for damages caused by unlawful acts of public authorities
• University of Calcutta:
- Liability of the member states for the EU law infringements

Mgr Aleksandra Jaskólska:
• Fergusson Collage:
- Contemporary Indo-Polish Relations
• Sir Parashurambhau Collage
- Contemporary Indo-Polish Relations

Delegates during visit to India signed two Memorandum of Understanding with:

1. Gateway House (think-tank), Mumbai
2. Fergusson College, Pune


As a result of the visit, till end of year, Memorandum of Understanding will be signed with:
1. University of Mumbai
2. University of Pune
3. SP College, Pune
4. Sharda University, Greater Noida

As a result of the visit from students and faculties from January/February 2013 will be able to go for exchange program to:
1. Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, University of Pune
2. Fergusson College, Pune
3. SP College, Pune
4. University of Mumbai
5. Sharda University, Greater Noida

Dr Karina Jędrzejowska, dr Bogusław Lackoroński and Aleksandra Jaskólska met also with 19 students from Institute of International Relations whom are currently studying at Manipal University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and University of Calcutta.


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