CIMG0780The Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies is an innovative and interdisciplinary centre of excellence at the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, based on cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme, University of Hyderabad, Jawaharlal Nehru University and other 14 European and 8 Indian universities and highly specialized institutes.

The Centre consists of the European partners which are drawn from 10 different countries across Europe, including 3 new EU members and one country pursuing closer relations with the EU (Ukraine). The 10 Indian partners (2 partners and 8 associates) come from various regions of India.



The Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies is the project funded by the EU aimed at strengthening knowledge about contemporary Indian business and politics. Its mission is to:

  • enhance knowledge concerning contemporary India in the EU, particularly in the economic, political, development, social and cultural dimension;
  • strengthen mutual relations and gradually developing a closer partnership between the EU and India, based on common values, interests and responsibilities;
  • provide outstanding, interdisciplinary and highly specialized education, designed for excellent students. It will ensure active and professional participation of governments and private institutions from India and the EU. The Centre will promote advanced education (MA programme; in the future innovative curricula for PhD studies) and interdisciplinary methods in research and studies regarding contemporary India;
  • be a platform for cooperation between European and Indian Scholars, business elites entrepreneurs, NGOs, public administration, media;




Main Activities:

  • Launching an MA in Contemporary India Business and Politics (taught in English) using an interdisciplinary curriculum. The new MA programme will therefore address the needs of young people interested in contemporary India, enabling them to acquire innovative knowledge in this regard. The study programme will also stress practical skills of future graduates that will allow them to find employment in prominent government institutions (state agencies, diplomacy) and the business sector;
  • Creating an academic network. The existence of a dynamic research network dedicated to the problems and challenges of contemporary India will be one of the goals of the Centre. The network will be formed not only by the scholars who participate in the project, but also by representatives of associate partner institutions interested in contemporary India. Thus, the truly international character of the Centre will be further enhanced, promoting a European perspective on issues regarding India. Working together will not only strengthen the ties between Indian and European academics, but also lead to a more competitive research and educational environment;



  • Developing research projects on contemporary India. The Centre will focus on: political economy, sustainable development and governance, foreign and security policy, democracy and human rights, Eu-India relations, culture, linguistics and the media;
  • Dissemination of knowledge. For that purpose the Centre will:
    - Continuously disseminate the findings of the project to an audience of researchers, experts, policy-makers and practitioners ads and when findings become available;
    - Publish the findings in peer-reviewed journals and books;
    - Organize seminars where researchers, policy-makers as well as other practitioners have the opportunity to critically reflect upon the main objectives of the project and scrutinize the findings. The publications will be translated into the English language and published. The website w ill be multilingual, available in the languages of all t he targeted countries.



  • Creating of a multi-secto ral network/coalition. T he Centre will organize professional workshops, designed for the needs of specific groups, such as businessmen, public administration, government and media representatives, thus creating a multi-sectoral network. The establishment of the Centre, particularly in Central-Eastern Europe, where knowledge of contemporary India is limited, will certainly contribute to strengthening ties between all European citizens and inhabitants of India, including businessmen from both sides.

Funding Agencies

European Union/India-EU Study Centre Programme

University of Warsaw/Institute of International Relations
http://www.uw.edu.pl | http://www.ism.uw.edu.pl

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This project is funded by European Union
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